How to Find Affordable Health Insurance If You Are Unemployed?

Being unemployed and does not just mean losing a steady paycheck. It also means that you are unable to capitalize on many of the accessory benefits that your employer may have provided. Of these, the most important is health-insurance. While you may be able to get by being unemployed for at least some time, once you start to need visits to a doctor, or even worse, a visit to the hospital, you will quickly realize that health insurance is an important benefit that is difficult to live without.

Doctors, are very expensive, and what the average hospital visit totaling around $3000, it can place a tight burden on you and your family. If you are unemployed there are a few options you can research to see about getting affordable health insurance for you and your family.

For many transitioning professionals, COBRA is a perfect option. By law, employers are required to extend previous health benefits for a period of time after employment. This coverage, often lasting up to a year after employment can be the perfect solution for someone who is not in need of long-term care. However, COBRA costs are expensive and if you are unemployed, may be a cost that you cannot afford. Fifth the best way to determine if you are eligible for this type of insurance is to contact your employers HR or benefits department and have them take you through the required process.

You can also shop around for insurance rates online. The Better Business Bureau can provide you with a list of trustworthy Internet sites that will compare different types of coverage. By speaking with one of the companies, they can provide you with the best rates and coverage particular to your needs. If you have a family, health insurance and necessity that cannot be overlooked. By using one of these free services, you have thousands of different health insurance options at your disposal.

Being without health insurance can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have a job. Health insurance costs these days are just too expensive to afford otherwise. Doctors and hospitals are often unwilling to reduce costs or provide adequate payment plans for uninsured individuals. Fortunately, there are ways to find affordable coverage providers to keep your family safe through a short or long term.

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